VIO L212 is the system chosen to power the prestigious auditorium of La Seine Musicale, an avant-garde venue located in Paris on the occasion of the World Hip-Hop Dance Championship 2019. The PA dBTechnologies was designed on the basis of the event and a room acoustics for around 6,000 spectators.

The largest dBTechnologies line array system VIO L212 arrives in Paris and enters one of the most beautiful venues in Europe: on the evening of February 23, the Seine Musicale hosted the energetic final of Paris Battle Pro, the final dedicated to the 2019 edition of the Hip-Hop Dance World Championship.

The PA consisted of VIO L212, VIO L210 used as reinforcement in front fill and side fill and the VIO S218 subwoofer, in the following configuration:

32 VIO L212 (16 per side in two clusters)
8 VIO L210 as front fill
2 VIO L210 in ground stack as side fill
24 VIO S218 (12 per side) in ground stack in hybrid arc delay configuration

La Seine Musicale is a cultural centre dedicated to music and performing arts and located on the Île Seguin in the western area of Paris. Its futuristic and impressive structure stands out in the surrounding landscape like a representative landmark of the progress and architectural avant-garde of one of the most famous art cities in the world. The building’s eclectic structure conceals a raised egg-shaped auditorium exclusively designed for classical music performances; the structure also includes numerous rehearsal rooms and a large roof garden; the most important and constitutive part of the complex’s identity, however, is the Grande Seine, a modern concert hall with a total capacity of 6,000 spectators.

After the success of the 2016 edition at the Dôme de Marseille, at the Zénith de Toulouse in 2017, at the Zénith de Lille in 2018, Paris is the next stop for the “hip-hop way of life”; it is a matter of lifestyle because the hip-hop world is much more than a street dance made of urban suggestions which are closely linked to the 80s culture and society: the hip-hop genre involves dance as much as music, language, fashion, cinema and many other arts and activities that this evening have been staged and represented by DJs, MCs, dancers, musicians and international talents from different backgrounds.

So much variety has given rise to a show oriented to the creation of small urban masterpieces, together with the phases of the competition.

dBTechnologies participated in an evening made of pure energy, the most suitable habitat for VIO L212, full-scale line array of the VIO Series, designed for large touring and for all locations of great extension.

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