A small jewel of the nigh-life located near one of the greenest parks in Brescia: Latteria Molloy is a real reference point for fun. The club chose the small system of the VIO Series and its complement VIO S118R as a permanent installation to ensure a quality public address during the many events and evenings.

Bologna, 4 Marzo – The small and highly appreciated system of the VIO Series conquers a place inside Latteria Molloy. “For the milking of ideas” is the slogan that encompasses its essence and identity: it is the declaration of the perpetual will to “squeeze body and soul” and turn ideas into reality.

The configuration adopted for the PA is designed as follow:
4 VIO L208 positioned at the sides of the stage and 3 VIO S118R subwoofer on each side.

Fausto Punzi, owner of Acid Studio audio service luci of Cremona City, told us about the characteristics of this very famous and beloved concert space: “Every year the Latteria Molloy hosts leading figures of Italian and international music; it is an unconventional space with a stage only 60 cm high, a characteristic that makes the venue recognizable, giving it a peculiar and exclusive charm. For this reason, we have created a special configuration that it’s perfectly adapted to the shape of the space. The system has just been tested and both we and the managers of the venue are fully satisfied, ready for important live events from now until the end of the season”.

Luca Borsetti, one of the owner and leading responsible for programming in every artistic and creative project of Latteria Molloy, also commented on the installation: “The VIO L208 system is able to guarantee an excellent definition and this characteristic becomes central in a club situation like that of Latteria, which is so much in the structure of the venue, as in the climate that you breathe there”.

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