VIO L212 3-Way active Line array speaker

VIO L212 is the first dBTechnologies’ full scale line array module designed for large touring sound reinforcement applications, concurrently providing mighty output capability and optimized coverage behaviour. dBTechnologies was able to pack great sound pressure levels into one of the most compact and lightest active 2×12” line array systems.

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VIO L212 3-Way Line array speaker module exclusively equipped with neodymium components: 2×12″ woofers (3” v.c.) placed to the outsides in a dipolar arrangement provide an accurate transient response and an extended and controlled low-end reproduction; The mid-range section is mounted in the center of the cabinet in a horn-loaded configuration which dramatically contributes to the system’s acoustic efficiency.  Midrange frequencies are delivered by 4x 6.5” woofers  (voice coil 2”), while the 2×1,4” neodymium compression drivers (voice coil 3”) have been mounted to a waveguide which contributes to create a cylindrical wavefront, much to the advantage of the system’s intelligibility and throw capabilities.
Each VIO L212 3-Way Line array speaker acoustic engine is driven by 2 Digipro G4® Class-D 1600W amplifiers, providing each system with a total of 3200W RMS.
The switched mode power supply is equipped with PFC (Power Factor Corrector) which greatly improves the efficiency of the system. Performances of the amplifier are very stable and consistent, regardless of the quality of the mains and fluctuations.
This also grants a worldwide compatibility of the power supply (from 90V to 265V 50/60Hz) and limits power consumption.
Furthermore, the power supply is 380V resistant, so the final amplifiers will be switched off in case of an undesired strike of 380V current, saving them from any damage.
Exclusive technology of VIO L212 amplifier is IPOS (Intelligent Power-On Sequence), a circuit that controls the sequence in which the main power supplies of all units within an array ramp up.
As a result, each module is switched on in a different time frame, keeping the overall system’s inrush current low, even in very big PA system deployments.
The preamplifier is equipped with a modular slot for expansion cards.
As a default, VIO S218 is equipped with dBTechnologies RD-Net card, for real time remote control via Aurora Net software.
The preamplifier is ready for future upgrades with Audinate DanteTM AoIP protocol. To help users in this configuration, VIO L212 comes with built-in technologies: Near Field Communication (NFC™) proximity sensors are used to determine the position of each box within an array. This technology, together with a hi-brightness LED bulb on the front of the enclosure, contributes to help the user to recognize, identify and match each box physical position on the remote control software Aurora Net.
The amp also allows users to run a system-test on electronics and transducers before and after use and a real time impedance control. This unique system ensure tour-grade reliability and remote control over your entire PA’s health.
The preamplifier’s floating audio input design grants a digital optical isolation between earth ground from the mains ant the audio ground flowing into the preamplifier board. This galvanic isolation greatly improves resistance to interferences and any unwanted buzzing and noises.
The USB port allows firmware upgrades and diagnostics analysis, by downloading telemetry data on system performances and failures.
Just like smaller systems in the VIO family, L212 comes with VIO’s peculiar 3-point rigging system allowing a smooth and fast set up of the system. The 2 front links easily connect the modules from every angle. The back central rigging strand is equipped with a hook type link to set the relative splay angles determined via prediction software ranging from 0,5° to 8°.  While lifting up the array, the rigging strand will automatically block the systems at the preset angles with no heavy lifting required.
Splay angles can be set directly in the dedicated transport cart DT-VIOL212 which houses 4 modules. The same cart also acts as a solid base in case of stacked configurations thanks to accessory feet kit EFK-1. A single-module wheel-board DO-VIOL212 is also available to ease transport of spare cabinets.
The dedicated flying frame DRK-212 features 2 hooks facilitating precise inclination of the array both for positive or negative angles. DT-DRK212 is the dedicated cart allowing to transport and store 2 flying frames and several cables.
TF-VIO2 adaptor allows to rig VIO L210 as down-fill cabinets under VIO L212 arrays in order to create perfectly compatible hybrid systems.
VIO L212’s cabinet is made of plywood reinforced with a black polyurea finish and provided with 2 handles per side and a rubber magnetic raincover protecting the amp module. dBTechnologies team has been able to contain the overall weight of the box to only 52.9 (116.62 lbs) : a feature which can dramatically contribute to simple and lower-cost transport and storage operations.