Telescript Teleprompter -(Rentals only)

Telescript offers multiple options for your studio prompting needs.No matter what your camera configuration, Telescript has a system for you. Our teleprompter also feature the two side panels so you can keep focus on you audience.

Telescript offers prompting systems for both robotic camera heads, as well as PTZ cameras. We offer the world’s only two-part robotic prompter system designed specifically for robotic heads. Our “Presidential” teleprompting systems are used by corporate CEOs, motivational speakers, political candidates, and the leader of the free world. High reliability, quick setup and tear-down, and bright, easy to read display are engineered into these systems. We also offer  poles that enable you to adjust glass height .

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Telescript Teleprompter -(Rentals only) Engineered for TV newsrooms, production studios and other studio prompting situations including the use in theatre settings, conference room, school auditoriums and events. The FPS Studio systems are easy to set up,  feature lightweight construction and are made of  durable, environmentally friendly materials – NOT plastic. Like all Telescript products, high reliability is our number one goal .  FPS Studio systems is manufactured for a wide variety of studio tripods and pedestals.

Telescript  Teleprompter systems are quality built with aircraft grade aluminum to be strong but light. All our systems mount securely to the camera allowing full camera motion. The bright monitors allow for the talent to easily read in nearly any lighting conditions. All monitors have multiple input options and all 12″, 15″, 17″ and 19″ monitors come with a 3G-SDI input.


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