OPERA 10 2-Way 10″ Active Speaker

OPERA 10 2-Way 1200W 10″ Active Speaker

  • Fullrange speaker
  • Design: Multifunctional cabinet
  • Internal cross over: Yes (Cut Off Frequency 2 kHz)
  • Components: 10″ LF- / 1″ HF-driver
  • Radiation Angle: 100° x 85°
  • Power amp output: 600 W rms
  • Frequency range: 58 Hz – 20 kHz (-10 dB)
  • SPL ( 1 W/1 m): 128 dB
  • Digital Sound processing: 56 Bit DSP with 8 Sound presets
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The Opera 10 2-Way 10″ Active Speaker  is designed with DSP processing, a Class-D amplifier, and a two-input channel audio interface. It can accept mic, line, or instrument signals and it is also flexible to both playback plus live-music applications. The system is equipped with a powerful Class-D 1200 W Peak amplifier featuring advanced DSP processing where FIR filters allow the system to deliver consistent audio performance to the different listening positions.

The Opera 10 acoustic asymmetrical horn is optimized for efficient use in different indoor and outdoor situations. It can be installed on an optional speaker stand, or on a truss or wall using (separately available) brackets.

Amplifier Controls

This system is comprised of a Class-D digital amplifier that operates silently and does not require fan cooling. The system is controlled by a dedicated DSP that manages the different parameters.

Input and Output Controls

The dual-input section is equipped with selectable combo XLR-1/4″ connectors on both channels. Channel 1 can accept mic or line-level sources and Channel 2 is suitable for instrument or line-level sources. The selectable XLR output offers a choice of a mixed out or ch-1 LINK for connection to a second speaker.

Sound Coverage

The horizontal sound coverage is differentiated between the value of 85° (upper part) and 120° (lower part), for an optimized sound emission during vertical installation in reverberate environments.The overall 85° vertical opening is asymmetrical, to increase the horn’s sound pressure at long distances. When mounting the speaker, take these data into account for calculating the coverage of an environment.


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