KORG KRONOS2-88 key Music synthesizer workstation

KORG KRONO2-88 key Music synthesizer workstation

  • 16 track MIDI sequencer/ i6 track Audio Recorder.
  • 16 On-board Effect Processor
  • Nine distinct sound engine
  • Enhanced SGX-2 Grand Piano engine
  • Massive sound selections
  • Drum track
  • Karma
  • Open sampling system
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KORG KRONOS 2-88 key Music synthesizer workstation

KRONOS restores the magic, the thrill, and the promise that only a visionary new instrument can provide. And KRONOS delivers on that promise. Every resources and technology of service to the modern musician has been refined, perfected, and integrated into a single instrument, and is available on demand. Multiple state-of-the-art sound generation techniques represent the pinnacle of software realization. Onboard effects open the door to processing any internal or external audio source with dazzling results. Multitrack audio and MIDI recording deliver efficient studio operations in a mobile platform. Hands-on hardware includes an assignable control surface, dual joysticks, ribbon controller, top-of-the line keyboard action, and KORG’s revolutionary tap-and-drag color TouchView™ display. Best of all, KRONOS integrates all of these music-making resources into a single instrument in ways that no software setup or hardware platform can rival.

KORG KRONOS 2-88 key Music synthesizer workstation

easily delivers everything you’d expect, plus many things you’ve only dreamed of. Set List mode keeps all of your custom settings and performance notes organized in the display for on-the-fly selection. Smooth Sound Transitions eliminate note and effect dropouts when switching sounds or modes. Connect virtual patch cables, select sounds, plus edit envelopes and sequences—all using the eight-inch color TouchView display. Add to that advanced sequencing, KARMA, and Drum Track composition tools. Enjoy exclusive KORG wavesequencing, MS-20 filtering and the impossibly-rich Polysix chorus. KORG boasts the finest sound-design team on the planet, so you can always sound your very best.


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