FOS 33 (Outdoor lighting)

Powerful and Flexible LED bars
available with external PSU

ostar RGBW LEDs

high quality color mixing

interchangeable beam angles

IP65 waterproof LED bar

external psu for permanent installation

ETL certified

product customizable for various applications

choice of different LEDs available


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FOS is a range of compact and robust LED light bars fitted with 15 or 5 OSTAR RGBW LEDs. These powerful LED bars can be used either for background lighting or for linear effects. The units are available with different beam angles and they can be fitted with additional filters to further enlarge their projections range and every bar is IP65-rated. FOS 100 FC and FOS 33 FC must be used with an external PSU (DRIVENET).

FOS 100 
• 15 Full Color (RGBW) LEDs
• Lumens 4,608 @ 500mA
• LED lifespan: 50,000 hours (70% lumen output)

FOS 33
• 5 Full Color (RGBW) LEDs
• Lumens 2,150 @ 700mA
• LED lifespan: 50,000 hours (70% lumen output)