The F315 is an active three-way system designed to render the full frequency range. Powerful and assertive, it delivers the sonic goods without requiring an added subwoofer.

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A bi-amped 1000 W/RMS digipro® Class-D digital power amp with switched-mode power supply offering PFC drives this fullrange enclosure.
Its powerful 15“ woofer, housed in a bass reflex chassis, packs a mighty low-end punch.
A specially designed dual horn section comprised of a 6“ horn-loaded midrange driver and a 1“ compression driver covers the middle and high frequency spectrum.

Every component renders precisely the frequency range that it handles best, creating a homogeneous yet expansive composite sonic image that covers a very wide audience area.
An integrated DSP ensures the different speakers phase and time are in perfect alignment.
It also performs energy management tasks, controlling RMS and thermal limiters to prevent any impending overload.


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