DVA S1521N, Top-notch 21“ woofer

The DVA S1521N is a powered 21“ subwoofer housed in a bass reflex enclosure that we tuned for accurate, ultra low-frequency response. It readily integrates into large DVA and DVX Series PA systems as a sub-bass unit or as a stacked subwoofer.

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Serving as the unit’s transducer is a state-of-the-art 21″ woofer with 4.5″ voice coil.

This combination of high-quality materials and sophisticated magnetic drivers fields some pretty impressive results.

Even very low bass frequencies are rendered with pinpoint precision and hairtrigger transient response, treating audiences to a breathtaking audio experience.
Made of durable multiplex housing covered in robust black textured lacquer, the high-quality housing provides six carrying handles, an M20 pole mount, and bushings on the rear panel that accept casters.
Pick-points for attaching DRK-10 and DRK-20 harnesses are built into the top panel to enable easy, safe stacking.


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