DVA S1518N

The DVA S1518N is a bandpass subwoofer based on the DVA S10, but with 50 percent higher power amp output, an integrated DSP, and an RDNet link. A remarkably versatile subwoofer, it delivers tight and punchy bass response that supports and transitions smoothly to satellites’ lower midrange frequencies.

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DVA S1518N Subwoofer, 18″, Bandpass

The DVA S1518N is equipped with a next-generation, 18″ woofer driven by a built-in 1500W digipro® G2 digital power amp.
Subwoofer arrays are easily flown using the optional SRK10 rigging hardware retrofit.

The S1518N will also serve you well in compact stacks paired with DVA T12, T8 and T4 units or DVX Series enclosures.


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