DVA MS12 12″ subwoofer

Especially designed to fit perfectly with an M2M and M2S array, the MS12 active sub is equipped with a single 12″ woofer in a bass reflex enclosure, acting as a perfect low-end extension module for DVA Mini systems.

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This DVA MS12 12″ subwoofer delivers an incredible SPL considering its very compact dimensions. Can be easily used both flown and ground stacked.

The smart design of the feet allows the user to avoid the dull removal of the flying brackets. It is possible to remove the feet in few seconds and screw them again upside-down. This way any contact between the flying brackets and the ground is avoided, as only the rubber feet will touch it.

A practical X-over out can be used to feed signal straight to the line arrays modules, simplifying considerably the signal and power cabling.

DVA MS12 12″ subwoofer comes with the new generation of exclusive digital amplifiers Digipro G3, engineered by dBTechnologies . Distinguished by an exceptionally lightweight design and a very remarkable efficiency.

An integrated USB B-type port on the DVA MS12 amplifier allows the user to access the complete telemetry of the sub, monitoring the status of the speaker, including total playing hours, temperatures and performances reports.


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