RDNET CONTROL 8 is an hardware interface to connect dB Technologies RDNET compatible devices (DVA T12,T8, DVA S30N,etc.),  to a Personal Computer (PC) by means of an USB connection.

This appliance can be used on a stand or installed in a standard 19″ rack.

The overall dimensions consist of a single unit; fastening is performed by 4 screws to be inserted into slots located on side flaps.

RDNET CONTROL8 is an hardware interface to connect diffusers or accessory appliances to a Personal Computer (PC).

RDNET system uses a proprietary serial protocol especially developed to create a data network which can remotely manage up to 256 compatible devices (ex. dBTechnologies professional diffusers such as DVAT12, DVAS30N, DVAS15N, etc.. )

The interface is managed by PC through a suitable software running on Microsoft Windows® operating systems.

The audio devices are connected to RDNET CONTROL 8 control unit, which performs the main function of data routing between PC and devices themselves.

RDNETsystem allows monitoring the status of each devices, i.e. the main values to be taken (VU-meter, temperatures, logistic status, etc.).


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