AVOLITES ARENA- lighting console

AVOLITES ARENA– lighting console

  • Combines Titan’s visual interface with a large control surface
  • Built-in network switch for ultimate connectivity
  • Super bright 15.6″ main display, plus a second smaller touch screen provides additional workspace
  • 6 LCD screens ensure all playbacks are electronically labelled
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AVOLITES ARENA– lighting console is the ideal desk for festivals, theatres and anywhere that a larger control surface is required. It combines the popular interface of the Tiger Touch II with more live control than ever before.

Alongside the vibrant main display, a second touch screen provides an additional workspace window, also labelling the adjacent macro buttons and rotary pots. These fully assignable playback encoder pots, allow intuitive control of channels and effects. The six LCD screens display electronic legends for 30 faders, for speedy access to all your playbacks, fixtures and palettes. A brand new optical output means the Arena is equipped for fibre connections, with no signal loss over long distances, from front of house to the stage – essential in large and outdoor venues.

From stadium-filling concerts to private parties, theme parks to church services, our range of lighting consoles puts powerful, expressive lighting control at your fingertips. With full networking across the range, as well as our unique Synergy integration with Ai, we have all the power you’ll ever need.

AVOLITES ARENA– lighting console Offers seamless Multi User compatibility, the Arena can be used as master, back-up or extra programming surface, considerably cutting your programming time by allowing multiple Titan programmers to work simultaneously, before the main console takes charge.