Db technologies line array speakers, includes Vio series-

VIO is a full power active line array and sub series  for large sound reinforcement applications.
A unique design and advanced DSP programming come together to deliver imposing sound pressure levels.

This gives outstanding control of dispersion and the most detailing audio performance result.

Arena series-ARENA Series
The passive full-range and sub system range ARENA can be used for many different mobile or fixed install applications due to its extensive configurations.

LVX Series
Excellent pedigree. Fit for everyone.
LVX active loudspeakers series is the lightweight, stylish and powerful answer to both installation and live music requirement.

DVA series-Leveraging state-of-the art technology, materials and longtime expertise in developing powered systems, dBTechnologies created DVA systems, packing the best of line array technology into user-friendly, exceedingly light and tremendously versatile fully-powered systems. DVA line array Speakers available in Lagos.

DVX Series
Boasting an impressive feature set comprising high quality input board, multifunctional birch multiplex housings equipped with rigging points and rails, flexible configuration options, and an unrivalled price-to-performance ratio, DVX systems are discerning professionals’ go-to solutions for a vast range of applications.

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