Avolites Lighting consoles

From Stadium-filling concerts to private parties, theme parks to Church services, the range of lighting consoles puts powerful, expressive lighting control at your fingertips. With full networking across the range as well as the unique Synergy integration with Ai, it’s all the power you will ever need.


Avolites  Ai media server range is unique because we combine an intuitive and beautiful interface with the flexibility of a node-based programming environment . Offering 3D projection mapping, fast and flexible LED mapping, with superhigh res video playback, live triggering and processing as well integration with the industry’s latest effects plugins-the creative limit is in your imagination.


Avolites lighting consoles have been producing industry-standard touring dimming and power distribution system. The latest  generation is built around today’s power demands, encompassing the latest regulatory requirements, also built rugged to survive life on the road.


Lighting systems today are about connectivity and collaboration, with mission-critical reliability. Our network products provide increased processing power, distributed control. The flexibility to add control surfaces wherever they are needed and the re-assurance that comes from network Gear designed and set-up for lighting applications.

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