A small jewel of the nigh-life located near one of the greenest parks in Brescia: Latteria Molloy is a real reference point for fun. The club chose the small system of the VIO Series and its complement VIO S118R as a permanent installation to ensure a quality public address during the many events and evenings.

Bologna, 4 Marzo – The small and highly appreciated system of the VIO Series conquers a place inside Latteria Molloy. “For the milking of ideas” is the slogan that encompasses its essence and identity: it is the declaration of the perpetual will to “squeeze body and soul” and turn ideas into reality.

The configuration adopted for the PA is designed as follow:
4 VIO L208 positioned at the sides of the stage and 3 VIO S118R subwoofer on each side.

Fausto Punzi, owner of Acid Studio audio service luci of Cremona City, told us about the characteristics of this very famous and beloved concert space: “Every year the Latteria Molloy hosts leading figures of Italian and international music; it is an unconventional space with a stage only 60 cm high, a characteristic that makes the venue recognizable, giving it a peculiar and exclusive charm. For this reason, we have created a special configuration that it’s perfectly adapted to the shape of the space. The system has just been tested and both we and the managers of the venue are fully satisfied, ready for important live events from now until the end of the season”.

Luca Borsetti, one of the owner and leading responsible for programming in every artistic and creative project of Latteria Molloy, also commented on the installation: “The VIO L208 system is able to guarantee an excellent definition and this characteristic becomes central in a club situation like that of Latteria, which is so much in the structure of the venue, as in the climate that you breathe there”.

SYNERGY and KATANA light Laura Pausini’s ‘Make yourself heard’ tour

Laura Pausini’s ‘Make yourself heard World Wide Tour‘ (Fatt sentire Tour) is in full swing with an amazing success: 47 concerts all over the world, almost all sold-out, with over 330,000 tickets purchased in presale.
Now the tour has returned to Italy and proceeds with 22 dates until mid-October, and then leave for Spain, France, Germany and return once again to Italy; in short, a true tour de force.

Francesco De Cave, one of the best known – and busy – Italian LDs, has created the setup and lighting design of the show.


We thank Francesco for the interview that has kindly released us.

In the setup you’ve made for the ‘Make yourself heard Tour’ there are two very characterizing elements; the first is the long catwalk that stretches for several meters to the audience, where you have installed the new SYNERGY 5 PROFILE fixtures.
How do you use them?

“The SYNERGY have been positioned on the front of the stage and on the boardwalk, to emphasize the catwalk where Laura gets in touch with her fans. The SYNERGYs were used to highlight the shape to this catwalk, giving it even greater importance and centrality.

The SYNERGYs arranged in this position are very effective also by allowing me to color that part of the sports hall which is usually not lit. I am really amazed by the amount of light that comes out of these projectors; with their great brightness, I can – using some smoke – to bring color till the end of the catwalk, perfectly integrating that area into the show.

I use the SYNERGYs with the zoom full open, for example in the intro of the show where I need a lot of light to create a colored background for laser projections. The power and the brightness of the SYNERGY are the basis of the use I make, along with its white that for me is virtually perfect.

Another great feature of the projector are the colors: very beautiful, and above all identical in all projectors; when you create your own color palettes, including the pastel nuances, there are no offsets; there is a perfect synergy between all the SYNERGYs.”

The second element characterizing the setup is the KATANA bars, used in backlighting.

“There is a large central LED wall, divided into two parts, upper and lower, and 10 KATANA are installed in this space. Another 10 bars are installed under the LED wall. Then there are two smaller side LED walls, on each of which there is another row of KATANAs; and also centrally on the stage, and laterally closer to the stage edge.
Basically, I tried to create a lighting design that in some scenes, simply turning on the KATANAs, recreates the shape of the entire stage. In this context the KATANAs draw differently depending on their zoom – minimum zoom with very narrow beam and single LEDs highlighted, or zoom full opened – creating the outline and giving dimension to the stage, 36 meters wide.

I use them in ‘extended’ mode / 64 DMX channels, and I managed to create very beautiful pixel-mapped effects.
The media server that plays the video contents is connected to my consoles; in concert I can dimmer the LED walls brightness with a dedicated master, and I decide at all times what should be the balance between them and the light rig. But I must say that thanks to their brightness the KATANAs come out very well anyway; where I need a lot of light, they are unbeatable.

I used the the single LEDs to create various double-layer effects; for instance I make red LEDs move in the foreground and at the same time I flash the background in white.”


On February 5-9 dBTechnologies participated again in the most famous music festival in Italy: the line array VIO L210 and the subwoofer VIO 118 from VIO Series are the systems chosen to power the Ariston Theatre in Sanremo, which hosted as every year the most important news and celebrities on the national and international scene.

dBTechnologies is once again the PA of the Sanremo 2019 experience with VIO Series: after the 2018’s edition, the RAI team (Italian national public broadcasting company) relies on the brand to guarantee quality sound coverage for one of the most awaited and popular events of the Italian television tradition.
Background to this adventure is the Ariston Theatre in the town of Sanremo, famous for its flowers and landscape beauties, which is probably the most famous theatre in Italy: built in the ’60s, it was long considered a majestic structure, amazing for the technology adopted at the time of its construction; today the Ariston is considered a natural habitat for the national and international jet-set, as well as a true icon of Italianism in the world. In fact, the Sanremo Festival is the most important music festival of Italy: it brings the leading celebrities of the Italian scenario such as Zucchero, Eros RamazzottiRenato ZeroLaura PausiniNek; but the Festival is also a huge catalyst for international stars like QueenEminemRobbie WilliamsLuis FonsiAndrea Bocelli and many other, who stepped on the stage to present themselves to the Italian public. The Festival is broadcast every year on the main channel of the Italian national TV network and is the symbol of tradition and musical innovation throughout the country and the world.
The extreme versatility of VIO L210, a feature for which the system is greatly appreciated, combined with power and sound quality, guaranteed the ideal acoustic performance. The configuration of the system showed an articulated and complex composition that took into account the particular architectural features of the venue, including galleries and corridors and the main entrance area, dedicated to the red carpet frequented by fans, VIPs and media&press.
The PA consisted of:
• Main left-right
16 VIO L210 (8 per side)
• Gallery
16 VIO L210 (8 per side)
• Delay under gallery
4 VIO L210 (2 per side)
• Central gallery (on truss)
2 VIO L210
Central on stage 
3 VIO L210 (hanging in the middle)
Low frequencies were supported by the VIO S118 subwoofer system, configured as follows:
• Main stalls
6 VIO S118 (3 per side) in cardiod configuration
2 VIO S118 (1 per side)
Another configuration was dedicated to the Theatre’s entrance in order to providing a sound coverage to the red carpet area:
Outdoor (Ariston Theatre’s entrance)
4 VIO L210 + 2 VIO S118 (2 per side in ground stack)
The 69th edition of Sanremo Festival brought to the stage of the Ariston Theatre twenty-two selected artists and two winners of Sanremo Giovani, who challenged each other under the gaze of millions of spectators and that of a very attentive jury, which examined about three hundred nominations to privilege artists with a defined and recognizable artistic identity.
The evening was conducted by Virginia Raffaele and the multifaceted comedian-humorist Claudio Bisio, who with the famous Claudio Baglioni, former Artistic Director of the previous edition, led the five intense evenings live on the national channel RaiUno, for what Baglioni himself called “musical event and spectacular told by television”: a major artistic and media festival that this year recorded in the last final episode an overall average of 10.6 million viewers with a share of 56.5% audience.
The success of the VIO Series is supported by the choice to use the same set up also for Sanremo Young, a tv show dedicated to the youngest talents and conducted by Antonella Clerici; the program is in live broadcasting on RaiUno for the five weeks following the conclusion of the Sanremo Festival.


VIO L212 is the system chosen to power the prestigious auditorium of La Seine Musicale, an avant-garde venue located in Paris on the occasion of the World Hip-Hop Dance Championship 2019. The PA dBTechnologies was designed on the basis of the event and a room acoustics for around 6,000 spectators.

The largest dBTechnologies line array system VIO L212 arrives in Paris and enters one of the most beautiful venues in Europe: on the evening of February 23, the Seine Musicale hosted the energetic final of Paris Battle Pro, the final dedicated to the 2019 edition of the Hip-Hop Dance World Championship.

The PA consisted of VIO L212, VIO L210 used as reinforcement in front fill and side fill and the VIO S218 subwoofer, in the following configuration:

32 VIO L212 (16 per side in two clusters)
8 VIO L210 as front fill
2 VIO L210 in ground stack as side fill
24 VIO S218 (12 per side) in ground stack in hybrid arc delay configuration

La Seine Musicale is a cultural centre dedicated to music and performing arts and located on the Île Seguin in the western area of Paris. Its futuristic and impressive structure stands out in the surrounding landscape like a representative landmark of the progress and architectural avant-garde of one of the most famous art cities in the world. The building’s eclectic structure conceals a raised egg-shaped auditorium exclusively designed for classical music performances; the structure also includes numerous rehearsal rooms and a large roof garden; the most important and constitutive part of the complex’s identity, however, is the Grande Seine, a modern concert hall with a total capacity of 6,000 spectators.

After the success of the 2016 edition at the Dôme de Marseille, at the Zénith de Toulouse in 2017, at the Zénith de Lille in 2018, Paris is the next stop for the “hip-hop way of life”; it is a matter of lifestyle because the hip-hop world is much more than a street dance made of urban suggestions which are closely linked to the 80s culture and society: the hip-hop genre involves dance as much as music, language, fashion, cinema and many other arts and activities that this evening have been staged and represented by DJs, MCs, dancers, musicians and international talents from different backgrounds.

So much variety has given rise to a show oriented to the creation of small urban masterpieces, together with the phases of the competition.

dBTechnologies participated in an evening made of pure energy, the most suitable habitat for VIO L212, full-scale line array of the VIO Series, designed for large touring and for all locations of great extension.


The Tiger Touch II

Now boasting a 100% brighter screen, increased processing power, and faster graphics engine, the Tiger Touch II is the most specified Titan console.

The Avolites Tiger Touch II represents the perfect combination of power and portability. This third-generation console is packed with enough power for complex shows, yet small and light enough to fly in standard hold luggage. The console features SMPTE timecode support and a redesigned button layout to match the entire Titan range.

Now featuring a clear, 100% brighter touch screen, more powerful
processor, and faster graphics engine, the Tiger Touch II is the most
specified Titan console.
• Live ‘hands on’ and Cue List control
• 100% brighter, vibrant 15.6” touch screen
• 4 Physical DMX, up to 16 over ArtNet or streaming ACN
– 8192 channels
• Supports Titan Network Processors for DMX expansion up
to 64 universes
• 20 submasters for Cues, Cue Lists and sequences
• Show file compatibility with Titan console range
• 10 direct Macro buttons and Macro library
• Support of ArtNet, CITP and streaming ACN
• Expandable Fixture library for over 14,000 devices
• Powerful processor, faster graphics, SSD drives and UPS fitted
• Conveniently located front panel mounted USB
• Direct SMPTE in
• Trigger input
• Compatible with Titan Remote (Wi-Fi access point required)
• 30kg in flight case



dBTechnologies’ INGENIA series reaches its full potential with RDNet-EH: a simple, easy-to-mount accessory able to add real-time-control capability to all models of INGENIA series. 

Ingenia RDNet-EH
Accessory handle with RD-net connection for Ingenia active speakers
INGENIA series represents quite a one-of-its-kind system in active speakers’ scenario: not a simple active speaker, not a column system, not a conventional line source system.
The INGENIA series consists of four models with a power ranging from 400W to 900W.
All models are designed to work individually, but they can also be coupled by simply turning one speaker upside down and placing it upon the other one.
Thanks to infrared technology, INGENIA detects the presence of a second speaker, and an onboard-configuration wizard automatically sets up the system in order to ensure the best coverage and acoustic coherence.
Users can easily control the system through an intuitive OLED display. In facts, behind the simple interface runs a cutting-edge processing which manages mix, coverage steering, EQ levels and input devices.

Now INGENIA’s advanced DSP runs even further by adding remote control capability to the system in use.
In facts, thanks to RDNet-EH, all Ingenia speakers can be remote-controlled via RDNet protocol and Aurora Net software, adding further versatility and ease of use to one of dBTechnologies’ more complete systems.

RDNet-EH substitute standard INGENIA’s handle and allows both control of a single-element system or a coupled-element system (two stacked Ingenias of the same model).
Users can easily unmount standard INGENIA lower handle by themselves and substitute it with RDNet-EH, which makes the system ready for RDNet connection.
This way, the PA manager easily optimizes the system’s EQ and enables digital steering functions, even to a flown or wall mounted system, adapting INGENIA PAs to the venue and application (speech, playback or live music) in use.


Aurora net is a control software solution developed by dBTechnologies to provide advanced control and monitoring for its professional audio systems. The solution is cross-platform native and replaces the manufacturer’s Network software, while offering additional functionality.

When connected via Ethernet, Aurora net facilitates detailed DSP control and manages digital audio using the Dante protocol. Its user interface has been laid out to provide complete control of a dBTechnologies PA system from a single screen, while each individual element is detailed using the zoom feature.

The manufacturer has also expanded its ES family with the ES 1203 column PA system. This is described as ‘a complete stereo sound system encompassing its predecessors’ versatility with striking SPLs’. A tri-amped digital active solution with 2,400W of power with Digipro G4 amp technology, it comprises two passive wooden tops and an active wooden subwoofer. ES 1203 also features a DSP interface, on-board five-channel mixer, Bluetooth audio receiver, input channel modes for mic, instrument or line, and can be configured for mono, stereo or double column applications.

And, to deliver ‘the perfect low-end extension of Vio arrays whenever a particularly long-throw is needed’, dBTechnologies has released the Vio S118 flyable active subwoofer, built with an 18-inch neodymium woofer. Its integrated flying hardware is designed specifically to be compatible with the Vio L210 and its cabinet includes a modular slot for network and digital audio expansion cards.

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