Aurora net is a control software solution developed by dBTechnologies to provide advanced control and monitoring for its professional audio systems. The solution is cross-platform native and replaces the manufacturer’s Network software, while offering additional functionality.

When connected via Ethernet, Aurora net facilitates detailed DSP control and manages digital audio using the Dante protocol. Its user interface has been laid out to provide complete control of a dBTechnologies PA system from a single screen, while each individual element is detailed using the zoom feature.

The manufacturer has also expanded its ES family with the ES 1203 column PA system. This is described as ‘a complete stereo sound system encompassing its predecessors’ versatility with striking SPLs’. A tri-amped digital active solution with 2,400W of power with Digipro G4 amp technology, it comprises two passive wooden tops and an active wooden subwoofer. ES 1203 also features a DSP interface, on-board five-channel mixer, Bluetooth audio receiver, input channel modes for mic, instrument or line, and can be configured for mono, stereo or double column applications.

And, to deliver ‘the perfect low-end extension of Vio arrays whenever a particularly long-throw is needed’, dBTechnologies has released the Vio S118 flyable active subwoofer, built with an 18-inch neodymium woofer. Its integrated flying hardware is designed specifically to be compatible with the Vio L210 and its cabinet includes a modular slot for network and digital audio expansion cards.

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