On February 5-9 dBTechnologies participated again in the most famous music festival in Italy: the line array VIO L210 and the subwoofer VIO 118 from VIO Series are the systems chosen to power the Ariston Theatre in Sanremo, which hosted as every year the most important news and celebrities on the national and international scene.

dBTechnologies is once again the PA of the Sanremo 2019 experience with VIO Series: after the 2018’s edition, the RAI team (Italian national public broadcasting company) relies on the brand to guarantee quality sound coverage for one of the most awaited and popular events of the Italian television tradition.
Background to this adventure is the Ariston Theatre in the town of Sanremo, famous for its flowers and landscape beauties, which is probably the most famous theatre in Italy: built in the ’60s, it was long considered a majestic structure, amazing for the technology adopted at the time of its construction; today the Ariston is considered a natural habitat for the national and international jet-set, as well as a true icon of Italianism in the world. In fact, the Sanremo Festival is the most important music festival of Italy: it brings the leading celebrities of the Italian scenario such as Zucchero, Eros RamazzottiRenato ZeroLaura PausiniNek; but the Festival is also a huge catalyst for international stars like QueenEminemRobbie WilliamsLuis FonsiAndrea Bocelli and many other, who stepped on the stage to present themselves to the Italian public. The Festival is broadcast every year on the main channel of the Italian national TV network and is the symbol of tradition and musical innovation throughout the country and the world.
The extreme versatility of VIO L210, a feature for which the system is greatly appreciated, combined with power and sound quality, guaranteed the ideal acoustic performance. The configuration of the system showed an articulated and complex composition that took into account the particular architectural features of the venue, including galleries and corridors and the main entrance area, dedicated to the red carpet frequented by fans, VIPs and media&press.
The PA consisted of:
• Main left-right
16 VIO L210 (8 per side)
• Gallery
16 VIO L210 (8 per side)
• Delay under gallery
4 VIO L210 (2 per side)
• Central gallery (on truss)
2 VIO L210
Central on stage 
3 VIO L210 (hanging in the middle)
Low frequencies were supported by the VIO S118 subwoofer system, configured as follows:
• Main stalls
6 VIO S118 (3 per side) in cardiod configuration
2 VIO S118 (1 per side)
Another configuration was dedicated to the Theatre’s entrance in order to providing a sound coverage to the red carpet area:
Outdoor (Ariston Theatre’s entrance)
4 VIO L210 + 2 VIO S118 (2 per side in ground stack)
The 69th edition of Sanremo Festival brought to the stage of the Ariston Theatre twenty-two selected artists and two winners of Sanremo Giovani, who challenged each other under the gaze of millions of spectators and that of a very attentive jury, which examined about three hundred nominations to privilege artists with a defined and recognizable artistic identity.
The evening was conducted by Virginia Raffaele and the multifaceted comedian-humorist Claudio Bisio, who with the famous Claudio Baglioni, former Artistic Director of the previous edition, led the five intense evenings live on the national channel RaiUno, for what Baglioni himself called “musical event and spectacular told by television”: a major artistic and media festival that this year recorded in the last final episode an overall average of 10.6 million viewers with a share of 56.5% audience.
The success of the VIO Series is supported by the choice to use the same set up also for Sanremo Young, a tv show dedicated to the youngest talents and conducted by Antonella Clerici; the program is in live broadcasting on RaiUno for the five weeks following the conclusion of the Sanremo Festival.

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